10 thoughts on “Red!”

  1. Wow! Those are gorgeous and so delightful! Hopefully, you were at the animal clinic on a routine visit. Which reminds me that our cats need update vaccines. Always somethin’! 🙂

  2. Ooohh, pretty. I love seeing the rhodies and azaleas in bloom. That is one of the few disappointments about spending the winters in Florida. I get back to New England after much of the wonderful flowering is over.

    (So glad that you and your “eek” did not disappoint me yesterday; otherwise, what good would stereotypes be?)

  3. Beautiful! Always nice to find pleasant, caring people to look after the health of our four legged friends.

  4. I LOVE the rhododrendrons! We will arrive there on June 13th for a 2 week visit from Arizona. Hope they stay blooming during our time there. We were there in July last year and the blooms were all gone by then.

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