Sharing the trail


I discovered this very tiny critter on the trail Monday. It was smaller than a walnut. I suspect it may be a baby mole or vole. It disappeared into the weeds as soon as its portrait session was done.

12 thoughts on “Sharing the trail”

  1. You are coming up with a variety of little critters these days. Smaller than a walnut is pretty darn small. You must have been quick on the camera, too, as I don’t expect this thing waited around while you set up a tripod and lights. 🙂

  2. @Jack, this little guy was so tiny and cute I was consumed with curiosity. I saved the “eek” until I got home and had a chair to jump on.

  3. So nice of it to stick around long enough for a portrait. You must have been very quiet. Looking at that long tail, I can’t help but think, ‘Ew!’

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