Scamp update: the tiller

Tiller 4

It’s been a while since I’ve shown any progress with the Scamp sailboat that my husband is building. Today is an example of why the progress has been slow and the updates infrequent. You see, my husband has wanted to build his own boat for a long, long time. And he has definite ideas about what he wants. The tiller, above, is an example.

You see, first he wanted to put the motor in an inboard well, a custom location. It’s usually off the stern. That created a barrier to using a simple, typical tiller. So DH created a custom version, which he’s modeling above.

Tiller 2

You may have noticed that the tiller is curved. First he designed and fabricated a mock-up that suited the conditions. The final tiller wasn’t a single cut from one piece of lumber. It is the result of laminating together 11 strips of 1/8″ thick mahogany. And he didn’t just glue them together. The process required bending the wood into the shape he wanted. If this isn’t labor intensive I don’t know what is.

Tiller 3

Here’s a closer view. The final result in the top shot still needs more sanding and a few finish coats. Labor of love? I’ll say!

By the way, the boat has a new name: “Pumpkin.”

9 thoughts on “Scamp update: the tiller”

  1. Good Lord, what a job! DH is an extremely talented man! Kudos to him. I love Pumpkin and I hope if we ever get up that way he’ll give us a ride in it! I tried to build a bird house once, but the birds left a note they wouldn’t live in such a slum! 🙂

    Thanks for your comments. The name of the bush/shrub I don’t know but it is extremely popular around here. And as is usual in Florida, everything grows into a tree if you don’t cut it back.

    I’m sending you an email, too.

  2. Kay, that guy you hang around with is a very creative person! I am impressed and it sounds like he’s teaching you a thing or two!!

  3. Wow — that’s impressive work! I love the shot of your husband sitting in his boat-to-be. He looks quite pleased. I look forward to seeing Pumpkin finished. (Great name…but, it begs the question: Will it be orange?)

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