On parade

Goslings 1

First two Canada geese emerged from shrubbery by the side of the road, energetically bobbing their heads and necks. They seemed to be in animated discussion. As they moved closer to the edge of the road suddenly a fluffy little contingent formed up and followed behind Mom and Dad.

Goslings 2

I got as close as I dared, which is to say that I kept my distance. The little goslings were just big enough to show above the grass.

7 thoughts on “On parade”

  1. Great wildlife behavior, following the lead of mom and dad. Hate to get serious, but after the latest rash of teen violence (even here in “nice” Minnesota), I read an obit about “where are the parents?” whose author was reluctant to criticize parents, often because it isn’t fashionable, yet he had a very valid point. How does a kid have an arsenal of guns beneath his bed without the parents knowing? Getting too serious ….

  2. At least the gosling are still too small to befoul golf courses and parks the way mom and dad and the other adults in the community do . . .

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