8 thoughts on “Laundry day”

  1. Tell us more. The laundry is all purple/lavender? Are these employees’ work clothes? I can’t imagine a family all chooses to wear purple all the time. For example, blue is my favorite color, but even I mix in other colors to break up the monotony.

  2. aaah, amazing!! all purpple laundry.
    i am happiest when at home i get to do one-color laundry. so far i have managed to do blue, purple, black and pink laundry….. (ah, and sport clothes laundry, but that one is very colorful)

  3. Years ago I found a blog (only to lose it permanently, alas) that featured hanging clothes from all over the world. Loved it. I also love this photo; they must be getting ready for the Heather Festival.

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