Masts and clouds


This is a view of the Port Townsend Paper Mill through boat masts at the Port of Port Townsend. The mill has historically been an important employer for the area. Now, to respond to complaints about odors from the mill, pure liquid oxygen is being pumped into its treatment pond. Complaints are still being logged, but mill officials say they have reduced odors by 85 percent.

8 thoughts on “Masts and clouds”

  1. Everything has side effects. The best side effect here is your photography. I like how you captured the light on the steam.

  2. A wonderful photo – glad the smell is reduced – and glad I didn’t have to smell it to see this beautiful photo. I’m happy to hear that the mill is being more responsible in what goes into the air.

  3. very pretty!!
    i wish something like that could be done to our apartment, but im not sure pumping it with pure oxygen is healthy for people…

  4. I like this perspective with the masts in the foreground. When I lived in Michigan, occasionally, I had to work in a city with a paper mill. It’s quite a pungent and distinct odor.

  5. An artistic image, Kay. It is good that the paper mill has found a way to reduce odors. I am sure that it is a major employer, so the community needs solutions, not shutting it down.

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