Earth Day 2014

Mountain shades

Today is Earth Day.

  • If Earth Day is not a big part of your consciousness, please indulge me. Before Earth Day in the U.S. we had rivers that were so polluted that one actually caught fire. Air quality in some cities was so bad warnings were issued and inversions settled in areas that caused serious health hazards and deaths. Companies responsible for toxic waste sites walked away when they were done.
  • Earth Day was a response to all that; the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts were passed in the early 1970s; the Environmental Protection Agency was formed.
  • Political polarization today promotes gridlock, the economy is pitted against the environment and the term “tree-hugger” is sometimes used as a pejorative. I happen to think that Planet Earth is a pretty beautiful and spectacular place. I’d like to keep it habitable for humans and the other life forms here. I do what I can. I hope you do, too. Happy Earth Day!
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    1. These days it can feel discouraging when you have pundits and just average people having blinders on to the environmental issues of the world, and our responsibility for a better world.

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