Happy Easter!

Nearly 20 years ago at the Marin County Farmer’s Market in California I stumbled across a captivating display of decorated Eastern European eggs called “Kraslice.” I’d never seen anything like them before. A mother and daughter sold them each year around Easter and over the course of several years I acquired a small and treasured collection.

Kraslice eggs

These decorated eggs in different styles come from the Czech and Slovac Republics, Ukrane, Poland, or Lithuania. The eggs are first painted and then intricate patterns are etched into the shell. Although primarily associated with Easter, Kraslice have been given on other occasions to communicate love and hope of new life.

Collage eggs 1

Kraslice art techniques are largely passed through families. Click here for more information about Kraslice eggs. I believe this website belongs to one of the women who sold the eggs pictured here.

Kraslice eggs 2

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  1. These are really pretty, Kay. I have seen them often but don’t have any. It might be the only kind of travel souvenir that I have not managed to buy. Again. And again.

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