Purple house

Yesterday’s post color was yellow. Today we go to the other end of the color spectrum: purple. My predecessor, Shannon, posted a photo of this house a few years ago. Since then the proud owners have added a second building.

Call me anal, but I like a sense of harmony when it comes to the look of a place. And there’s a lot to be said for colors harmonizing with their landscape. There are places I’ve been – in particular, Victorian historic districts – where this would fit right in. Here? Not so much.

8 thoughts on “Purple!”

  1. Purple works with flowers, I think, but for a paint job?

    There was a house painted in purple I knew quite well growing up, on the road up to see my grandparents. I always wondered what kind of person would go for that colour in a house.

  2. Yikes! (With credits to Steffe.) I have posted some pink and purple houses, some of them even Victorian, and got fairly unanimous negatives. On a new one like this? Call me conventional, but . . .

  3. I think a bit of it was “to get back” at people….there was such an uproar over the garage (built first) being painted purple..this was about 8 years ago. They threatened at the time they were going to build a house and paint it the same way.

  4. Victorian homes and cottages in the Florida Keys can pull off purple. Not a large, modern house. If what the previous post from Patricia says is true, that’s really sad. But…it certainly is timely for spring and Easter, right?

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