Bye, bye, City Hall

Bye City Hall

Slightly over two years ago I posted a picture of Sequim City Hall here. On Monday, this is what it looked like as it was being torn down. Other buildings, further down the street, are also being razed as part of the same project.

By the middle of next year Sequim will have a new $15 million City Hall that will house administrative offices and the police department. The old City Hall, built in 1973, was too small to accommodate both the police and functions of a growing city. The new building’s plaza will become the home of the Sequim Farmers Market.

6 thoughts on “Bye, bye, City Hall”

  1. Make way for progress! I hope the new building will be aesthetically pleasing. The old City Hall looked quaint from the outside, by I’m sure it was a nightmare on the inside just from the standpoint of technology. Sarasota built a new police headquarters about 5 years ago for the same reasons: 30 years old and it had outlived its intended lifespan. If Sequim is building, there must be an upswing in the economy there…unless it’s a capital improvement project that’s been in the pipeline for awhile. I’d be curious to know if a bond was issued for the project.

  2. I can see why they’ve had to move forward with something new, given the size and technological issues of the place. And the new one having a farmer’s market alongside it will be a good touch.

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