5 thoughts on “Cheer up”

  1. Perfect cheery pic on Tax Day! I love tulips. I used to live near Holland, MI where a tulip festival is held this time of year. It’s unbelievable to see tens of thousands of multi-colored tulips in bloom. And, the organizers have to plan for an early or late spring…so, the flowers are planted several weeks apart with the hope/anticipation that enough will be in full bloom during the festival.

  2. Tulips are breathtakingly beautiful and such a welcome sight after a long, cold and harsh winter. None have appeared hereabouts, though. I would so much enjoy tulip festivals in Amsterdam. . . I can dream!

  3. ooh, we were there last year on our road trip!

    and such beautiful tulips… we saw entire fields of them yesterday. amaaaaazing…
    we did our US taxes last weekend and as always it led to a lot of frustration and lost time… but it should be the last time we have to do them ever… (unless we move back to the states of course)

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