Olympic Peninsula’s first

Potting shed

This is an ordinary shot of a farmer at work, but it’s not an entirely ordinary scene. This is a view of one side of the North Olympic Peninsula’s first licensed marijuana growing operation. You’re not looking at the growing shed. It’s nestled and protected inside a barn on the other side of the property, seeded with 20 motion-activated infrared cameras. But as of last Tuesday it was one of nine growers approved in Washington state and one of the first obvious and tangible steps toward the state’s legal recreational pot. The state has moved forward since voters approved a measure to decriminalize marijuana, doing what states do: figuring out standards, hiring a drug czar, organizing regulations. And they’re trying to figure out new and different challenges. Growers and sellers will have to pay state taxes; however, banks have regulations against taking drug money. How to handle that? And the new growers? They, of course, need seeds for their crops. Now that they have their permits they have 15 days to get seed stock wherever they can. After that they can only get it from state sanctioned suppliers, which, by the way, don’t exist yet. Sales of the new crops are expected to begin in early July with as yet unnamed sellers. It should be interesting to see how those operations unfold. And, assuming vendors are selling Washington pot, I can only imagine how this year’s Lavender Faire and Festival will unfold in July with a new, uhm, perspective. We do, after all, have at least one operation that’s probably ready for the challenge: Purple Haze Lavender Farm.

5 thoughts on “Olympic Peninsula’s first”

  1. We’re supposed to have a medical marijuana referendum on the November ballot here. From all the polling, it sounds like it will pass with 80% approval. Some wise entrepreneurs already are holding seminars to teach prospective growers about issues that you mentioned: how to establish a bank account; how to comply with expected standards etc. I doubt we’ll see the decriminalization of pot in Florida anytime soon. I think most Floridians realize we already have enough problems with drivers hopped up on prescription meds and alcohol.

    Regarding my birding lens, I’m using a Canon 75-300mm film lens. When it’s used on a digital body, it’s the equivalent of a 125-400 or so. It’s long!

  2. Interesting questions and problems surface with the possibility of allowing marijuana to be come legalized. I have ambivalent feelings about it, but it looks like it will become a cash crop in many states in the near future.

  3. i never used it and i dont think i ever will.
    in a way im glad another country is legalizing it, although amsterdam (or the netherlands) will never loose the weed-image anyways.
    i cannot stand the smell of it, and every single day i am in it, since our downstairs neighbors are smoking it as if their life depends on it. YUCK. but lets not start that frustration now, i will never stop…

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