8 thoughts on “Okay”

  1. Cool pic! I like the sentiment. Unless, of course, one is between a rock and a hard place. Then it’s not so easy to be kind. For example, I’m going golfing today. I do not intend to be kind to that little white ball. And heaven help the thing if it should find its way into the woods!

  2. Yes, I wish more people would act on those words. I’ve interacted with the public in both my previous career and my current one, and I continue to be amazed at how rude, snippy, self-involved and demanding people can be. It makes the nice ones really stand out. Good find. (Kind of someone to leave it for you to shoot.)

  3. The difference, Kay, is that being kind is natural for you. I, however, am a curmudgeon. They didn’t teach kindness at curmudgeon school.

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