Port Gamble day tripping

Here is a look at Port Gamble, the sweet little town where yesterday’s Camperdown elm tree grows. We have driven through Port Gamble many times enroute to and from the Kingston-Edmonds ferry but only recently stopped to look around.

Collage Pt Gamble 1

Port Gamble is a privately owned National Historic Landmark, the oldest continuously operating mill town in North America. Founded in 1853, it was operated by Pope & Talbott until 1995. The town has a New England look to it, enhanced by its setting at the edge of Port Gamble Bay. Port Gamble is about 40 miles east of Sequim, not far beyond the Hood Canal Bridge.

Collage Pt Gamble 2

The church in the top collage is a popular location for weddings. In addition to a cafe in the General Store, above left, another cafe serves afternoon tea. A museum is located below the General Store; it is open May through September. There are other small shops in the area around the General Store and Post Office (bottom right). The Post Office Building also houses a community theater.

5 thoughts on “Port Gamble day tripping”

  1. This is amazing. Like a fairy-tale, a trip back in time. It’s a gorgeous place. I can see why that church would be popular wedding place, but do you know if the town itself has been the setting for any movies? It certainly does have a New England feel to it. What a treasure!

  2. Port Gamble is indeed a handsome little town. And, as you say, it has a New England feel to it, but with quite a bit less wear and tear than an authentic New England town would have.

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