This old barn

Old Olympic barn 2

If I’m not mistaken, this is one of the older barns in this area. It doesn’t look that way. Like any building – especially one that sees much use and wear – it has needed care and maintenance. That it is standing and looks darned good is a testament to the stewardship of the farmers who have owned it.

Old Olympic barn

It’s one of those barns that deserves perfect light on a perfect day for a just right shot. Others have gotten photos of it just so. I hope I will too one of these days.

6 thoughts on “This old barn”

  1. Excellent photos Kay! For an oldie it’s in amazing shape. I don’t think I have seen a barn like this before that has so much roof.

  2. That is quite a large barn! Dairy farm, maybe? Lots of storage. And probably a massive hayloft. I used to love playing in barns when I was a kid. Not so much anymore. 🙂 And we have more paddocks here than barns.

    It’s beautiful though and your photos are lovely!

  3. It is a well-tended structure and so different from the Midwest barns I know. I think that photographing barns as a theme would yield some pretty interesting photos.

  4. I love barn photos – old or new – this one is particularly wonderful. I’m always amused at the junk in a barnyard – at what point is it decided to never move a vehicle again?

  5. The barn itself is in far better shape than the vehicles rotting in front of it. Your photo is a good one. What’s wrong with it?

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