Anticipating Mother Nature

I’ve mentioned before that erosion is a problem along the bluffs of Dungeness Recreation Area. Two or three stretches of bluff trail have been rerouted in the past four years that we’ve lived here.

New trail 1

A new trail has been started near the southern edge of the bluff trail. It will route walkers well back from the edge, which has given way once already just in the time we’ve walked there.

New trail 2

This is the existing trail. The fence at the right is only a year or two old but is losing ground. And the orange cone? An attempt to stop walkers from scaling the hill ahead, a piece of which recently collapsed.

4 thoughts on “Anticipating Mother Nature”

  1. Erosion is such a problem in so many places! It seems that nature and humans are sometimes incompatible. What a shame to lose some of those vistas, though.

  2. This erosion is rather scary. Take a wrong step and “Oops!” Wonder why the land is giving way – if it’s water erosion. It’s such a gorgeous area, though. I’d spend a lot of time on that trail if I lived up thataway!

    It sounds as if your road widening is a good thing. It can be here, too. But just recently, the powers-that-be took an old, gorgeous road, covered by old, gorgeous oak trees and made it into a 4-lane highway. It is easier to travel on, but also more crowded and has lost all of its charm. This kind of thing happens a lot and I’m not sure it’s necessary. I also know that there are some political machinations involved.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I think I might play a little golf. 🙂

  3. @Lowell, the land is not built to last for the ages. It’s very sandy and it takes a fierce beating from the wind and weather. And at its base is the surf.

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