BYOB: Buy Your Own Business

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and want to be part of the Sequim business community, both Pacific Mist Bookstore and Jeremiah’s BBQ are up for sale.

Pacific Mist Books

The owner of Pacific Mist Books must leave the area to care for an ailing family member.


And the sign in front of Jeremiah’s BBQ advertises that it’s for sale or lease and their website notes an asking price to sell, “Lock, Stock, and Barrel.”

Hate to see them go. If you’re interested, tell them Sequim Daily Photo sent you!

7 thoughts on “BYOB: Buy Your Own Business”

  1. One of my long-time fantasizes has been to own a book and plant store that gave regular, free readings of literature, sometimes accompanied by music with local artists’ work lining the walls. Sigh!

  2. You can keep the BBQ place but I would love to run a bookstore. Well, I would have loved to run a bookstore. I don’t want to run anything now. I just want to read books, relax, bmob (bring my own bottle), and play a little golfs! 🙂

    You buy the book store and we’ll come visit.

  3. Don’t you hope someone is sitting around the breakfast table pushing the numbers to persuade themselves they could make a go of it in a little Sequim bookstore or a larger BBQ business?

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