Nespresso nirvana

One of my favorite things is coffee. For me it falls into the “quality of life” category, though a dispassionate observer might call it an addiction.

Nespresso 2

Resigned that it is time to get up in the morning, the call of a good cup of coffee brightens my mood. Savoring one brightens the day. Seeking the perfect cuppa I have brewed coffee with types and roasts in a good many ways from drip to perk to French press, and even used a Coffee Toddy method which soaks ground coffee in water for 12 hours, then filters it to create a cold concentrate. I don’t just flirt with coffee. I have a relationship.

This brings us to the cup of coffee above: The first cappuccino from our new Nespresso. A very good one at that.


I met a Nespresso coffee maker just like this on our recent trip to Seattle. Before I knew it I had brewed an espresso, a darned good one. Then came cappuccinos and a new world opened. Finally! Really good joe! You don’t strut something like this in front of a junkie and think nothing will come of it, do you?

When I discovered that its little aluminum coffee pods were recyclable it was all over but the credit card bill. It certainly wasn’t in our budget, which doesn’t take kindly to an impulse which could be fairly described as extravagant. I could list all the other things I don’t spend money on. But now that it’s found it’s place in our kitchen I can say one thing: Life is good.

7 thoughts on “Nespresso nirvana”

  1. Life is short. Sometimes brutish. Sometimes sweet. One must take advantage of those opportunities that come one’s way to enjoy each day. Coffee is a blessing of Mother Nature and your new coffee maker is certainly a necessity for a fulfilled life! Drink up!

  2. One of my favorite posts – even though I don’t care for coffee in the least. it was refreshing to hear someone enjoy their addiction, ummm I mean fondness, yeah, that’s what I mean – of coffee is a lighthearted way. I almost – not quite – but almost thought a cup of coffee sounded good.

    I’m glad you got your nice coffee making friend – long may you brew.

  3. Kay, we are kindred! I love coffee and have it often as the day goes on. But, mine is black. None of the fancy stuff for me. And, I enjoy going to Starbucks or another local coffee joint, as much for the ambience and people watching and having people all around me as for the coffee. But, if I were in Sequim I would surely have you brew me a cuppa on your new toy.

  4. We have had our coffee made by everything from a percolator to a french press to a drip and everything in-between. I’m sorely tempted to splash out on one of these, except I also love the cafe experience. And could I justify that expense if one of these machines was in the kitchen?

  5. congratulations!
    what do you mean by recyclable? you can reuse the pod? i never wanted such kind of machine because you are restricted to use their pods, and they are so expensive!

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