Garden surprise

Bird eggs 1

The little daffodils were blooming but they were crowded out by last year’s dead ornamental grass and summer flowers. As I cut away the grass a mass of little white shells caught my eye. Eggs!

Bird eggs 2

Last year’s grass had sheltered a batch of bird eggs, each about an inch in size. I suppose you could call it a “nest,” though it doesn’t appear to have the typical bits and pieces a bird might call home. I don’t know what sort of birds they might have been. They’re long gone now.

6 thoughts on “Garden surprise”

  1. Aw, what a delightful surprise, knowing that part of your landscape sheltered a family of birds; at least I hope that no animals got them before they hatched and flew away. Love the sight of the yellow blooms.

  2. The daffs are gorgeous. The eggs are a cool find. We have a wreath hanging on our front door which is constantly being used as a nesting site. I keep cleaning it up and the birds in the area put up a terrible fuss. Haven’t found any eggs in it yet and I think the birds decided the better part of valor was to build a nest in the nearby bushes.

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