Heavy lifting


Phew! Here we are, happily nestled into a new server with a new look. Welcome! I hope you like it. Click on “Reply,” above if you’d like to comment.

I mentioned Denton in my last post. Denton is Lavender Lady’s (Sequim Daily Photo’s original blogger) brother, the behind-the-scenes tech support who did all the heavy lifting to transfer Sequim Daily Photo into this new environment. I’m not adverse to technology, but beyond learning the software de jour, most of the background technology in my experience has remained the purview of IT people. In this transition, in addition to doing most of the work for Sequim Daily Photo’s transfer, Denton led me step-by-step through the nuts and bolts. He knows it. You may, too. I didn’t. But with Denton’s help it’s less foreign now. And for all his work, patience, and expertise I’m deeply grateful. Thank you, Denton. I can’t thank you enough!

10 thoughts on “Heavy lifting”

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  2. I do like the new look – very much! It’s clean and sharp and easy to navigate and use. Congrats to you and Denton.

    Computer technology can be daunting, even to those who have some experience with it. Things change so fast. I’ve got shelves full of hardware and software which is no longer viable!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. The crisp, fresh and uncluttered look is very pleasing.
    I like to think I can figure out a lot of this stuff, but really, it would take me far too long before I’d admit defeat and then I would definitely be in a sour mood!

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