Kite Girl Plaza

There are a three nice bronze sculptures in Kite Girl Plaza on West Washington Street. The first, above, is – surprise! – “Kite Girl” by Gary Price.

Nearby is “Benji’s Leap” by Jay Wright.

The third sculpture in the plaza is “Catch Me If You Can” by R. Sandifer.

I wasn’t able to find any details about how these sculptures came to grace the plaza. But I did find a very good alternative shot of “Catch Me If You Can” posted in 2009 by none other than the Sequim Daily Photo’s “Lavender Lady,” SDP’s original blogger. It’s quite a nice shot and unfortunately the trees that fill the shot with such vibrant color are no longer there.

10 thoughts on “Kite Girl Plaza”

  1. I agree with Andy – “awesome” is the word. The sculptor really caught the joy of childhood and the fun of the simple pleasures we used to experience. These would be a great addition to any community!

  2. These sculptures are joyful reminders of childhood activities. I wouldn’t mind if someone told me to go out and “fly a kite.”

  3. Great shots of lovely statues. Another nice intro to things in my new hometown. Where exactly is Kite Girl Plaza??


  4. @ SAM, the street address is 583 West Washington, the location of the Serenity House Thrift Shop and east of the shopping center where Penney’s is located. It’s roughly across the street from the Safeway shopping center.

    1. Thanks. I’ve been driving past it without realizing it was there. I’ll have to take a closer look.

      Good luck with the move to the new server. Obviously some stuff has already migrated.

      Thanks again.

  5. Those are great and there are two smaller ones – a boy and girl playing in a half barrel fountain in front of City Hall on Cedar Street

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