Power poles and heavy equipment

The Public Utility District (PUD) is working its way through replacing a run of power line poles. It’s not glamorous but if it assures uninterrupted power I’m all for it. New poles were laid down next to the old and crews cut back brush around the old ones. A survey crew did some work. Then the cherry picker, above, hoisted a couple of men into range to attach poles which reposition the wires. That was one big truck. Notice that it’s got braces at the bottom. Flaggers directed traffic around the operation.

Many years ago I ran an educational tree-planting program. The local conservation corps helped us out with a two-person auger to pre-dig holes for the trees. Faced with that or manual labor the auger was pretty awesome. And I can assure you that the auger the PUD pulled out to dig the pole hole was more than awesome. I guess this is where I admit that I’m impressed with what heavy equipment can do.

Just like that the hole was dug. Picking up the new pole and positioning it into the hole was quick work.

Here’s the rig that did the drilling and heavy lifting. A couple more poles and I think the wiring will shift over to the new poles.

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  1. I’m retired and I enjoy watching people work. ๐Ÿ™‚ These electric company people are very dedicated employees. Over Christmas last year when the ice storm passed through many of them worked long hours to restore the power.

  2. When we were on our way from Minnesota to New Mexico in February, we spent one night in Texas watching the Super Bowl with a group of young linemen who were doing work in the area…about a year’s work! I admired them a great deal because I know how difficult their job is, and their youthful enthusiasm was wonderful. They were grilling outside the motel in which we were all staying and were insistent about sharing everything with us. What would we do without these people and their skills?! My only wish is that our country would bury the power lines!

  3. The workers do a fabulous job – I truly appreciate all they do to keep us powered up. Great photos of their work and their machines.

  4. jajj. i posted again! i do post for the same reasons as you. trying to write something simple. trying to express myself in english… not easy! ๐Ÿ™‚
    in my neighborhood they recently replaced all streetlights. but before they could do that they first had to label each pole warning people not to attach their bike to it.
    so dutch! and now i realize i didnt take a picture of that….

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