9 thoughts on “Crocuses”

  1. When my children were young, pots of crocuses were always in their nursery in the spring, and I swear that’s why my son has a green thumb and interest in plants of all kinds. But, what happened to my daughter whose thumb is very black and deadly?!

  2. Beautiful collage – I’m looking forward to spring. Heavy rain again today – but that’s good for the snowpack – and the spring flowers when they arrive.

  3. Ah, yes, these are pretty. When I was up north in the winter, seeing these little guys poking through the ground (and sometimes through the snow) was such a welcome harbinger of spring. (Are other things harbingers of something other than spring?)

  4. yes. amsterdam is filled with them. so very pretty!
    and i was so happy with your question. i was about to start again… but now i got a 2day delay… but thanks for asking…. i was just a bit tired of the blogging and then got even more discouraged that nobody asked where my posts were…. childish, i know…

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