Another stop in Seattle

I’ve long wanted to see and experience a building designed by Frank Ghery and our visit to Seattle last week afforded that opportunity. The Experience Music Project, or EMP Museum, is housed in a Ghery building. Pretty amazing. That is a monorail train emerging through the building in the center left shot; the track also shows in the bottom of the two right hand shots.

7 thoughts on “Another stop in Seattle”

  1. We are lucky enough to have a Gehry building in Minneapolis on the U of MN campus in which there is a spectacular museum. I often cross the Mississippi River at different times of the day to see the building under different light. I love it. Also have seen some of this buildings on travels, and would enjoy seeing this one, too. Wonderful shots of different angles.

  2. I have seen many pictures of Gehry buildings, but have never seen one in person . . . yet. I am quite ambivalent about them. They NEVER fit into their surroundings, and that seems a bit rude. And, I wonder both how they will age (i.e., will they be despised in 20 years like 1960s’ brutalism) and will they leak and become maintenance headaches (like most Frank Lloyd Wright buildings)? OK, OK, I admit to being a conservative old curmudgeon.

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