Playing tourist in Seattle

Last week we turned a trip to the doctor in Seattle into an opportunity to be tourists again after an absence of many years. As we approached the Space Needle at Seattle Center I realized that I didn’t have any shots of this icon. So here’s a collage of several views, including reflections and images taken at Chihuly Garden and Glass, a spot I’ll highlight for you soon. (Yep. That’s a selfie of me on the bottom right.)

6 thoughts on “Playing tourist in Seattle”

  1. Fabulous photos of the Space Needle – I’ve only gotten one picture of it since we’ve lived here – and it was a good one – from the top floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel – what a view. Love the collage.

  2. This is one more city i would love to visit. Having so many photos of Toronto’s CN Tower, I can’t believe anyone could go to Seattle and not have dozens of pics of the Space Needle!

  3. I’ve been in love with Chihuly’s work for years and am always delighted when Sharon in Phoenix posts some of his work; now this is another source that makes me happy. What a delightful pleasure it must have been to photograph these!

  4. Wow, Chihuly’s work is wonderful. So many fabulous photos, hard to pick a favorite. The Space Needle framed by the flowers and collage are just fantastic!

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