Spring view

I can’t really complain about winter weather. It’s rained and been windy but hasn’t been so bad lately. And the water content of the snowpack in the mountains increased from 24% of normal at the first of the year to 80% of normal last week. That’s very welcome! What I miss is foliage. And color. I’ve browsed some photos I hadn’t gotten around to posting before and I’ll roll out a few for some brief winter relief.

5 thoughts on “Spring view”

  1. Those are some powerful fluffy clouds! I think the worst part of winter (even here) are the cloudy, gray days. But spring shall arrive soon and you’re area will be bursting with color.

  2. Because of the wide open spaces in NM, I see more beautiful skies here than I do at home, esp with huge, puffy and dramatic cloud structures.

  3. Oh how I love those clouds – do you have snow? We have about 4 inches in Bellingham and they say it will snow most of the day. It is beautiful but I’m glad we will be back to rain on Monday.

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