Showers keep tapping

We’re getting caught up on rainfall. It’s been a challenge lately to take a walk and come home dry. The fun part is our daily paper, The Peninsula Daily News. A copywriter now makes the daily weather forecast capsules fun to read. Last night: “Showers keep tapping.” The forecast for today was “Breezes belabor Peninsula.” Friday: “Sun muscles past clouds.” Smiles break out daily.

7 thoughts on “Showers keep tapping”

  1. I guess the copywriter needs to put a few punny jokes in the paper. We finally got some sunshine so I’m off to the golf course in a few minutes. May the sun shine in your land, too!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Kay, and I’m glad to know that maturity isn’t running wild in Sequim, but kept, for the most part, indoors! 🙂

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