The rooster

This rooster stands proud outside Over the Fence, a nifty downtown store. After we moved here and hadn’t yet done a lick of landscaping I teased my husband that we should buy the rooster to spruce up our property. DH’s aesthetic is clean lined, modern, and minimalist. Very non-rooster, which only served to fuel my pseudo longing.

I don’t even know if he’s for sale. But doesn’t he look like he wants to come home with us?

8 thoughts on “The rooster”

  1. I would LOVE that rooster. It is the silent type, which is good. For years I have wanted a life-size carved wooden bear and I haven’t got that one, either,

  2. Yes, you definitely need that rooster. My roos served as shock troops whenever predators appeared. One top-level rooster was an expert at kick-boxing when anyone got too close to his girls. You need a ninja roo to protect your property!

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