Wait and see

Our snowpack is only about 20% of normal; last year it was above average. It’s still early. Snow was predicted today, possibly down to sea level. Then the prediction changed. We’ll see.

7 thoughts on “Wait and see”

  1. That is a gorgeous shot. I can see there isn’t much snow up there, though. Hopefully, you’ll get more which will give you a greener summer. It’s been raining so much here of late, I almost think I’m in eastern Washington. Then I see the palm trees and know better.

  2. What a pretty scene, Kay. The snow-capped mountains in the distance are very picturesque. Sun is shining here, snow is disappearing and it’s about time for us to take a mountain drive. Have a terrific weekend.

  3. Stunning photo – I’ll be watching for the snow – maybe next week, and only in the mountains – which is fine with me. They are saying heavy rains all week – that should give the mountains some nice snow pack.

  4. I’ve noted you mentioned “back in California” a couple of times. Where in California? My parents lived in Turlock for a number of years, and I lived in LA in the mid-40s. When I was just a kid.

  5. It is a beautiful view, Kay, even if there is less snow than usual. It looks like lots of your snow has been sent to the Midwest and East Coast so far this winter. I hope you get some before long.

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