Walking to work

Pond. Ducks. What’s wrong with this picture? Look at the pink webbed feet walking across the top of the pond. Our temperatures haven’t been much above freezing for several days. Most standing water has a good skim of ice across the top. For us that’s cold. And no. I wouldn’t trade with those of you who have it really cold!

5 thoughts on “Walking to work”

  1. Oh right – we don’t want to trade – but it is cold out there. We went out to dinner last night and the restaurants were nearly empty. Yes, restaurantS – first to Belle Marina – on the bay – it was about 45 degrees INSIDE the restaurant and when they served up bit quart JARS of ice water that did it. We were checking it out for a place to take the whole family for our 50th anniversary – no sireeee – not with quart jars for drinking from. Then on to another restaurant for a good – and warm – dinner.

    Lovely ducks – I would think their feet would get cold – but guess not.

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