Promise of spring

It’s a measure of the drab of winter that the mere sight of cattails can send me bumping down a rutted road in pursuit of a better view.

8 thoughts on “Promise of spring”

  1. @Andy, yes, these are pussy willows – the first signs of spring growth in these parts. So I get happy when I see them starting to bud.

  2. Love that phrase, “bumping down a rutted road.” If you’re not a writer, you might consider taking it up!

    I’m not sure we have pussy willows in this area. Can’t imagine we would not. I’ll have to keep looking.

    Got to ask if your comment (which echoed Red Pat’s) referred to me being the one with OCD or the builder of the building? I did think one bush was a bit askew and the other needed a red flower and I think one of the blue shutters didn’t match up perfectly…but other than that… I had a terrible time just taking a picture and then walking away with so many things out of order! heh, heh.

  3. The first sign of buds after or even during a winter break is one to savor and enjoy. Lowell identified a very descriptive phrase in your narrative, which I, too, enjoy. We arrived in SF yesterday, bone-tired after a loooong trip, discovered within an hour that someone had hacked our Visa acct. Lucky it didn’t happen on the road trip. Getting new cards Fed-exed to us, woke up to beautiful 3 inches of snow this morning but all is well with the world. Much warmer than MN

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