Alternative Superbowl

Last Saturday our friend Burtt (No. 10) competed in a Special Olympics basketball tournament in Bremerton. This competition is becoming an annual tradition for us. Burtt’s dad and his team coach, David, was a good friend in college and after many years that have taken us in different directions it’s good to be living in the same region again. That’s David’s back in the middle left side of the collage. His shirt reads: “Work for a cause – Not for applause – Live life to express – Not to impress.”

5 thoughts on “Alternative Superbowl”

  1. That slogan sounds like one that could reap many benefits for our society! Great to be able to support old friends and their families! Go Burtt!

  2. What a great action collage! We have all learned so much during our involvement with Special Olympics over the past 28 years!

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