Boat trivia

We’ve driven past FV Quaker Maid in Port Townsend a number of times in recent months and she looks better each time. Each time we’ve passed her DH has commented that she was a sister to Confidence, the vessel he fished with out of Seattle in the 1970s. Now that she’s looking good, it seemed time to take her portrait. And DH is no longer convinced she’s a sister…but they look like they could be…and they’re the same size and are from a similar era. Is this another fish story? Confidence fished for Whitney Fidalgo Seafoods; her captain was part of that well known family.

3 thoughts on “Boat trivia”

  1. It’s a beautiful portrait of that elderly ship. Can’t imagine what life as a fisherman would be like up in that country. You’d see some beautiful sights, I’m sure, but it must be cold and wet a large part of the time. Right?

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