Guy stuff

Dear husband had a shopping list of materials for the boat so it was time to lighten his wallet in Port Townsend, the go-to place for bronze bolts, copper nails, and the other esoterica of boats. You know what “boat” stands for, don’t you? Break Out Another Thousand.

A couple is out for a day of boating when suddenly the boat begins to sink.
Wife: “You’re the sailor, honey. Do something nautical!”
Husband: “Like what?”
Wife: “Write a check!”

6 thoughts on “Guy stuff”

  1. It looks like there are enough nautical shops to help break the bank. But, think of all the enjoyment your DH is having even before the boat hits water!

  2. This is so funny! And you are a great sport with a great sense of humor. I didn’t know what BOAT stood for until now. I did hear that a boat is a hole in the ground into which you pour money, though.

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