Getting around in Port Angeles

This shot was taken looking uphill in Port Angeles, Sequim’s western neighbor city.

In the early 1900s the hills leading to downtown were intentionally flushed away by sluicing to make it easier to get to town businesses. The downtown area was also elevated to raise it above the nearby beach. The slurry from the hill removal was dammed along the downtown streets and the lower stories of businesses eventually became today’s underground Port Angeles as the street level was filled in and raised. Uphill, this left bluffs and this walkway (and stairs, elsewhere) as one means of getting up and down.

4 thoughts on “Getting around in Port Angeles”

  1. Yikes! Yours truly would not like taking that hike several times a day. I’d say when you reach the top, stay there! Interesting story. One never knows what will happen when you start messing with Mother Nature! 🙂

  2. That would be interesting to see. In some parts of Italy and France (and probably other places), little old ladies slowly but effortlessly walk up and down the steps of their towns as they have been doing since they were little girls. I think Lowell and Kate could do it if they gave it a try.

    Your page loaded fine today. Weird this tech stuff, eh?

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