What do swans eat?

For a month or two I’ve wondered if we might see migrating swans again this winter. I’ve kept an eye on a couple of fallow fields and was rewarded Monday. Trumpeter swans!

It was a small flock, lunching in a field. They ignored me until I began to get into camera range, then they’d move on. These were the best shots I could get.

Here’s lunch. This field was full of turnips and carrots left after harvest.

8 thoughts on “What do swans eat?”

  1. They are so lovely! Good for you for getting a great shot! I have seen them lately in that field off Schmuck Rd. Way too far away to get a shot of them. And fun to see what they like to eat!

  2. Methinks your photos are just fine. I didn’t know swans ate stuff like carrots and turnips. I learn something most every day by reading your blog.

    I was a worried man for a little bit, ’cause I saw the birds and thought this post might be your swan song. And I ain’t bin smokin’ nuttin’!

  3. I think that the shots are great and certainly well enough to give us a glimpse of what you saw and enjoyed. Recently one of our local newspapers had an article about a woman known as the Swan Lady who regularly fed swans in her area. Now deceased her husband carries on the tradition and spends enormous amounts of money on food for the large flock. I forget to save the article but need to google it so that I can go there to take photos. Incidentally, I think you called Lowell’s behavior quite accurately today!

  4. Kay, I followed up on my story of the Swan Lady. Check this out; I think you’ll find it interesting. PS. We’re leaving for Santa Fe on the 30th. Hoorah!!

  5. Great shots of the Swans – we have found more this year than some years – but not as early as some, now that it is about time for them to migrate out we are seeing more – lovely birds – lovely photos.

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