8 thoughts on “Rockin’ out”

  1. Put on a happy face! Thanks for the reminder since it is currently −12F right now, and I feel a bit gloomy about the weather these days!

  2. I’m afraid I smell some discrimination here. I mean, really, don’t horses have feet, too? Well, we call them hooves, but I’ll bet if horses could talk, they call them feet! Sheesh. I do like the grinning rock. Remember when people were selling rocks and some idiots were buying them? I think the latter are now members of Congress. Which makes sense ’cause they’re dumber than rocks!

    And furthermore, it looks like you’ve been “horsing around” more than I have! Heh, heh!

  3. Everyone can use a smile. I make some little angles and from time to time I leave them in public places – with a little note to take the angel, or share it with someone – or move it to another place to bring cheer. I like the rock idea a lot.

  4. Back again to answer your question: we leave early on ;the 30th for two months in Santa Fe. Hope the weather holds out…all the way; we’ve been VERY lucky in the past with no issues except extraordinary wind in April during our return.

  5. Yes, they’r kind of cute, but put me in the camp of letting nature be nature, without people marking up stones.

    Very truly yours, your curmudgeonly friend, Jack

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