There’s a barn at Lazy J Farm where tools are displayed that I suppose you could call “historic,” or at least well used. These are sister hooks which are used for lifting things like logs or hay bales.

These may be more familiar though I admit to never having used one. The longer handled tools are scythes and the shorter ones are sickles. Both are swung and employed as cutting tools. When I think about the work they did I’m glad for the sorts of labor saving devices we have today. And I’m not about to romanticize it, but I suspect that a good many of the people who worked these old tools were more fit than those of us who use labor-savers or sit entirely too much with computers and the like.

7 thoughts on “Tools”

  1. haha, you are so right. i often think about that when i goto the gym to ride a stationary bike like crazy for an hour. but then i am too lazy to bike into the city (which takes 20-30 minutes…). then i tell myself; but its because in the gym the point is to get sweaty and i dont like to get sweaty outside of it… šŸ˜€

  2. I remember these “tools” from my youth, although I never used them, either. But, my relatives and friends did on their farms.

    Re exercise and getting in shape. You ought to see my wrists from typing on a keyboard! They are in terrific shape. The rest of me – well, not so much!

  3. I really like the close-up of those old tools. Guess I never knew the difference between scythes and sickles altho I’ve seen them from time to time as a child. It’s hard not to romanticize the past, but in many respects some of the best times I had as a kid was visiting farms. And for me, the livin’ was easy as a youngster!

  4. I love the wood of the old buildings – and the contrasts and the symmetry of the tools. I’ve used a scythe, not a lot, but enough to know that it is not particularly my favorite tool.

  5. They probably look a lot more charming to those of us who only admire the look than to those who had to do heavy labor with them.

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