Sequim Valley Airport

I’ve mentioned before that there is a lot of private aviation in this region. Today you get a tour of the Sequim Valley Airport.

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s better than some. It’s paved and there are lights on either side. In Sequim there are a couple of small, private landing strips that aren’t much more than large, well groomed lawns.

San Francisco International Airport, my basis of comparison, was rebuilt and expanded seemingly my entire adult life. There was always some new terminal opening, or an old one being renovated. I think they’ve stayed away from that here. The sign at the end of the building above says “Airport Office.” I’m betting that the waiting room is inside whatever vehicle you drive there.

7 thoughts on “Sequim Valley Airport”

  1. Ocala’s airport is a little bigger than this and some folks want to expand it and call it the Ocala International Airport. Or maybe they already did that. In South Florida, your airport would be a great place to fly in drugs from Colombia! 🙂

    I wonder if security is tight at the Sequim Airport so you have long lines getting out to the plane?

  2. Gotta love those old airports. When we picnic on a bluff overlooking Bellingham Bay we will often see 20 or more small planes – some heading for the islands and I’m sure a few are off to Sequim – at least I like to think that.

  3. Drugs from Columbia, Lowell? That would really be a long haul! It’s fun to watch take-offs and landings at these small airports.

  4. This looks like the little airport in the town next to the one I grew up in north of Boston. Today I read that a plane flipped over at that airport!

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