Shine, mister?

This stand in the Toronto airport caught my eye last fall, mostly because I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen anything remotely like it.

I wonder: Can you still find them in the lobbies of big city buildings? Does anyone go to them? Can anyone make a living shining shoes?

9 thoughts on “Shine, mister?”

  1. The style now is casual dress and that has killed shoe shines. I would think that the vast majority of people don’t even have shoe polish in their homes any more.

  2. This is a pretty classy set-up. I doubt that this business is profitable enough to provide a decent living wage. There is one in the Downtowner Car Wash in St. Paul that I occasionally visit. Have seen the worker there only once and business was not booming.

  3. Have not seen one of these in years! Growing up they were ubiquitous. I think Andy is right. Nobody shines shoes anymore. Well, maybe some folks do, but I don’t wear shoes that need much shining.

  4. I’ve seen them in a few major airports and there were always people getting their shoes shined – some ladies and mostly men in business suits – spiffing up before that big meeting I suspect. I think they might be busier on slushy messy rainy days.

  5. good question!
    there was one in north station in boston, and i saw them in new york. not something i can remember ever seeing in the netherlands….

  6. There is one in a big casino in Vegas..the also looks identical to this one and yes, you often see an older gentleman sitting and having his shows shined. NOTE: they also “clean tennis shoes!!!

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