I liked the textures of these cones.

In addition to seeding future trees, cones provide food for many forest critters this time of year.

8 thoughts on “Cones”

  1. The cones have both texture and pattern. . . a perfect design of nature. When my kids and grandkids were small they always noted cones and seemed to be fascinated by them.

  2. Very pleasing shapes and textures. What kind of tree are they from?? How large are they??

    As always, Kay, thanks for continuing to show me my new home.

  3. @SAM, I found these cones in a bin at Lazy J Farm a while back. I’ve tried to match them to cones pictured in my Audubon tree guide and can’t be entirely sure. I’d guess they may be blue spruce, which would make them from 2-1/2 to 4″.

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