Our very own Little Free Library

The Little Free Library “movement” has come to Sequim. Thanks to 12 year-old Tane Ridle, a miniature free library has opened for business. Tane built the tiny building above, a red barn, with his uncle’s help. His aunt stepped in to assist with stocking it. A Little Free Library allows its “patrons” – anyone who wants to – to take books for free. Returning the book is optional, as is contributing books to the shelves.

If you’re local and want to check it out, stop by 702 Kitchen-Dick Road. It’s at the top of a short driveway and there’s plenty of room to turn a car around when you’re done browsing. Click here to find other Little Free Libraries. Thank you, Tane!

9 thoughts on “Our very own Little Free Library”

  1. This is interesting. I haven’t seen any in Canada so I checked out The Little Free Library’s web page. They had a map listing locations. I was surprised to see a few not to far from me.

  2. I think that’s a great idea but am not sure it would work too well here. But then I remember that a lot of crooks who might steal them can’t read anyway and used books are not worth very much! In south Florida, the whole box and everything would disappear in about 2 minutes!

    Re your question: No, I didn’t go into the “bouncy” thing. I can barely stand up on a stable surface! 🙂

  3. Love these little libraries, and they are all over this city, which is not surprising since it began in Hudson, Wi which is right across the border from us. Interesting story. A man built the first one as a tribute to his deceased Mother who had been a librarian. Then it took off and is now world-wide. Yes, I have featured several different little libraries on my blog in the past. I’ve picked up a few gems here and there from visiting some of them as I stroll past.

  4. The “little free library” idea is so wonderful. I have shown one a year ago. I drop books off there but don’t take any . . . there is no room for any more books in my house!

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