2013 Encore: Three travel favorites

I’m wrapping up my 2013 encores with three shots I took away from home. The photo above is from a marsh at Ocean City State Park in southern Washington last September.

This shot was also taken at Ocean City State Park. The Washington State Parks website picked up my two Ocean City posts from last September and reposted them on their blog in November.

And, finally, “Guess where I went to celebrate my birthday.”

6 thoughts on “2013 Encore: Three travel favorites”

  1. Great choices to end the year and to begin a new one. The marsh photo is fantastic. I hope that the park website asked your permission and gave you credit for the photos of yours that they used. And, of course the iconic Eiffel Tower is always a winner. Have a good week; ours is starting out WAY TOO COLD!!

  2. These pictures are all winners, Kay! What with my love for Paris, I’d say the last is my favorite. Lois Anne and I celebrated our 50th anniversary dining on the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower. What great fun. I want to go back!

  3. Your photos are always stunning – the reflection is amazing – but that Eiffel Tower is past superb – I haven’t words. It is like the tower holding the clouds back – and the rain on the left – oh so fabulous (guess I do have words).

    I’ve enjoyed the encores so very much!!! wow – the Eiffel Tower. I lived in a house once, built by a Frenchman (in very northern California) who had been to the top of the Eiffel Tower the year it was built.

  4. Three wonderful choices. Thanks for reviewing your fine 2013 photographs. I can see why Ocean City Park appeals to you. And, Paris? No one ever questions a love for Paris.

  5. pretty!
    reminds me, we are watching “the killing” now on netflix, which plays in seattle. did you see it too? every day at least one episode! 🙂

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