Festival of Trees

The annual Festival of Trees was held last weekend in Port Angeles. It is the biggest fundraiser for our Olympic Medical Center and monies raised are used to purchase equipment and provide continuing education for staff.

The Festival of Trees is a big event supported by many local businesses. There are a number of events over the three day festival including a Teddy Bear tea for children and parents, a family breakfast, and family day viewings of festival trees. The centerpiece is the Festival of Trees Gala where decorated trees, many with bonus “premiums,” are auctioned at a formal gourmet buffet dinner. Details from some of the trees are shown above, lovely creations that are themed by local designers and sponsored by businesses and community members. This year roughly 50 trees were auctioned for well over $90,000. Premiums accompanying the trees included travel packages, wine, local services, sports and cultural events.

5 thoughts on “Festival of Trees”

  1. An event that raises $90,000 must have been a spectacular event. It must have been colorful and memorable. You selected a lovely holiday ball for the focal point of your collage.

  2. I have never gone to this…it looks and sounds fantastic. A shame that all these trees aren’t photographed for the public to see.(they describe them well in the flyer in the newspaper..but nothing is better than a photo!) Your photos are fantastic!!

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