Did someone say “Black Friday?”

Here are a few things I’m not going to do today:
I will not rise before dawn to head out shopping.
I will not venture anywhere near a shopping mall.
Heck, I probably won’t buy anything at all today.

Here are a few things I’m planning today, or very soon:
I’ll probably eat leftover pumpkin pie. And there may be some eggnog that makes its way into a nearby mug. I’ll put up a tree and decorate it. I’ll see if Hubby knows where the lit Labrador went (you can keep the blow-up snowmen and moving lit reindeers and Santas; nothing says Christmas like a lit Labrador).

If you’re local and you want to get into the spirit of things let me remind you that Lazy J Farm, featured above, is open for the holidays and has u-cut trees and wreaths. They also sell tasty organic apples and pears as well as apple cider, Graysmarsh preserves, honey, and that perennial holiday favorite, elephant garlic.

5 thoughts on “Did someone say “Black Friday?””

  1. Sounds like someone is going to have very relaxing day. Black Friday has spread to Canada. The bargains are still much better in the USA.

  2. Hear, hear! We are off to a belated Thanksgiving meal this afternoon and the hosts live near several major shopping centers. We’re going to have to go lots of backroads to avoid all the madness.

  3. Oh a lovely list. I think I’ll make me a list of things not to do too. Since I’m still recovering from the world’s awfulest cold – I’ll not do anything today – how’s that for a quick list. Actually I will watch Don put up the tree, I will give him instructions on how to make a pumpkin pie (he’s not the main cook in our house, but he’s willing to learn). And then, of course, I’ll taste test the finished pie – heaped high with whipped cream – it’s the least I can do, in the spirit of helping. Enjoy your wonderful day.

  4. Black Friday gives our country an unsavory photo; I wonder how many other countries have this insane materialism? I prefer your activities!

  5. i never understood that craze. those 3 years we avoided the shops on black friday as much as possible, haha!
    and now i avoid dutch shops, compared to the us everything is so very very expensive here!! buuuuhhhh

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