Three Crabs

The 3 Crabs Restaurant, once a pilgrimage on many a tourist’s itinerary, was demolished over the course of a week last month leaving little more than a foundation, a chain link fence, and a porta-potty.

The building above had stood since 1958 and was sold to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife as part of a habitat restoration project. The restaurant was adjacent to tidelands and estuary habitat and the 52-acre property will provide beach access and eventually support efforts to restore salmon habitat.

In the meantime I was amused to see that State Parks hasn’t wasted any time in encouraging the public to bring along a Discover Pass in case anyone wants to spend time touring the exciting fence and foundation.

6 thoughts on “Three Crabs”

  1. I wish them much success in the salmon habitat restoration. At the same time, I think that I would probably lament the loss of the 3 Crabs restaurant.

  2. Progress – especially for wildlife – is a good thing – too bad they couldn’t have moved the restaurant – are they going to reopen it in another location. I love the name. We are finding the Discover Pass is required at more and more places, not just state parks. If you choose, you can show your handicap placard and get in for free, but it feels bad to me, when I can afford the Discover Pass – (30.00 for a whole year) so we will purchase one every year to help the State Parks.

  3. Interesting story. I bet lots of people were sad to see that restaurant razed. But, I’m sure the property owners got a good deal. What’s a Discover Pass? Hope all’s been well in your world.

  4. The 52-acre property sold for $1 million. Most of the land is tidelands, so the price was likely far more than would have been fetched for the restaurant operation.

    The on line restaurant reviews I read about 3 Crabs were not kind in the last years so I never went there. I did stroll through while the furnishings were being sold. The place showed its age; demolition didn’t seem like a bad idea to me.

    A Discover Pass allows free day use admission to Washington State Parks. It can be purchased annually and is good for a year.

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