The urban vibe

We took a Sunday walk through Tuilleries Gardens, which dates back to the 1570s. It was originally the site of tilemakers (tuileries) who were cleared out to make way for the grounds and palace that became today’s Louvre Museum. In the late 1600s Andre Le Notre was commissioned to design the gardens that are still enjoyed today.

As we walked to the Orangerie, a nearby museum, I was struck by the seemingly unending mass of humanity filling the gardens. When the heavens loosened a downpour, within moments this crowd all but vanished.

3 thoughts on “The urban vibe”

  1. The gardens in Paris are well attended, and they are a joy to visit. Did you sail any boats? I think that I enjoyed the Musée de l’Orangerie as much or more as any of the spectacular museums in Paris, and I do hope that you have photos of it as well.

  2. haha, yes, its funny to see how quickly people vanish when it starts to rain. when in boston our apt overlooked the swimming poolk. one day it was clearly about to rain, but everyone around the pool seemed to ignore this, until the downpour started. so funny!

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