Meet me out in the street

Okay, the title refers to a Bruce Springsteen song. I don’t think this is what he had in mind, but I can’t get the song out of mine.

Street scenes from Paris. The upper right shot is a clock from inside the Musee Orsay.

10 thoughts on “Meet me out in the street”

  1. I find it fascinating that four of the photos feature circles quite prominently. Your photos of your trip are all quite lovely, and I hope that you make a memory book of them.

  2. @”Dick”: I’m sorry you have had negative reactions to my photos. I have removed your comment as I would rather this site not vent negative and racist comments. I find that travel broadens my perspective and refreshes how I see things. Despite what you say, I am very enthused about Sequim. It just happens to not be the center of my universe 365 days of the year. Please notice that the header refers to Sequim “and wanderings beyond.”

    Mine is a completely voluntary effort. You are more than welcome to create your own website, pay the domain and server fees, and take and post photographs daily.

  3. Wow – great photos – i”m so glad you got to have such an adventure – and the collage is great. Wonderful photos and terrific composition.

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