Exploring Parisian passages is one of my favorite walking tours. Dating back to the early 19th century these early shopping malls were built to protect pedestrians from mud and horse drawn carriages. Some seem more light and bright, while others are packed with small cafes, antiques, stamp dealers, and even doll house furnishings.

We enjoyed tea and pastries in the bottom left shop while watching shoppers eye the goodies. (For inquiring minds: I had baba au rhum and it was worth every calorie, though I actually lost a little weight on this trip.)

5 thoughts on “Passages”

  1. Paris is a walking city, either day or night. So many treasures to find. I have a favorite book that I’d like to recommend to you; it was out-of-print for some years but I managed to get my hands on a copy a long time ago. Happy to know that it is now available. Do check it out; I think you’ll enjoy it and probably want to return to Paris again to check out some of described spots. “PARIS” by Julian Green.

  2. hmmmm, i love pastries!! that was something i really missed when in the US. sorry, but i never found real good pastries there… i also always really missed sitting down in a nice cafe (not some chain), ordering a coffee (in a real mug!!) and getting some delicious pastry with it…. for that i am happy to be back home :))

  3. Quite a fine collage, Kay. The central photo of the passageway with gorgeous tile floors and ornate glass ceiling really captures it all. Lost weight in Paris? There is a first!

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