Ooh la la!

Besides the interior of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris (see my Wednesday post) this is one of the only things that caught my eye.

To answer a question: I didn’t do much shopping in Paris and didn’t check prices at Galeries Lafayette. To avoid checking luggage, I carry a small suitcase that was so tightly packed I knew I couldn’t bring much home…an unintentional means of keeping a travel budget in check. But I did pick up a few beautiful scarves from a very nice street vendor who immediately recognized and exploited an unchecked addiction.

7 thoughts on “Ooh la la!”

  1. Looks like Cher may have dressed the mannequins with those remarkable headgear. Now I hope that we will see some of those scarves you bought. Since my first Paris trip, I have been collecting scarves on a regular basis. Fun,isn’t it?Have a wonderful week-end!

  2. Thank you Kay for the answer…it’s always fun to hear what other folks buy. I have collected for years (maybe 35 years) the tiny collectible lapel pins..they are so easy to bring home! Gone are the days of buying ceramic do-dads. Scarves are a great item!!!

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